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BJP [over]

I was at The Front Art Gallery and Cafe the next morning after the
sitting having a coffee and enjoying my little 15 mins of fame.
I couldn’t resist pulling out my phone and making a pano picture of the room.

So long, farewell, and thank you for coming.  It’s over, over, over!


And a happy girl I am.  The exhibition has been a brilliant exercise for me.  Three years spent working towards it, creating and refining the work, and I worked solidly towards it for four months since I arrived back in Canberra.

There is a lot to think about – what do I want to say, which images, how to print them, how big, how to frame them, so these things all need to work well within the given space.  Then there’s thinking about the design and printing of the invitations, nurturing relationships with sponsors, opening night details such as wine, cheese, music, speeches, printed material like a price list, posters, books and magnets, a special prize for the night.  And then there’s telling the media – media packs went out a month before that included a media release, poster, personalised letter and CD of images.  This worked well as I ended up with an article written on the exhibition here at the Canberra Times, a mention in the Canberra Weekly, an appearance on ABC 666 radio mid way through the exhibition and a couple of other smaller interviews such as this one.  Don’t forget over 150 hand written invitations – well that brought a good return as we had a stellar turnout on opening night.  And best not forget my angels Ro and Merry who welcomed everyone and involved them in the print prize draw.

It’s been a great way of introducing Canberra to me and my work, and has given me an opportunity to start a dialogue with people who are doing things that I’d like to be involved with.  Follow up correspondence has been sent, and follow up calls are yet to happen.  We hope, we hope, that this will all pay off – maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but hopefully down the line. I must say, it gave me so much more than just the opportunity to put a few pictures on the wall.

What’s next, you ask?

Ha ha, just you wait. God I love photography.


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