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BJP [los chavos]

I thought it would be great in the lead up to opening night of my exhibition ‘leaving traces’ (April 15th) to talk about each of my sponsors.  Next to celebrate is Los Chavos, a Latin band in Canberra’s scene headed up by Andy Jauregui, from Bolivia:

“Los Chavos are a Canberra based 7 piece band playing Latin rock, cumbia, ska, reggae, and samba. Lead singer Andy Jauregui spices up the music with his never-ending energy and verve. A former Latin rock singer from Cochabamba in Bolivia, he brings an infectious blast of Latino exuberance to every performance. Add punchy horns and sexy Latin rhythms, and before you know it you’ll be swinging your hips in true Latin style. There is no resisting the vivacity of Los Chavos!”

It’s so exciting to see them develop and go from strength to strength with their music.  New work is currently underway, and we’ll be sure to see more and more of them in the future.  These guys are soooo much fun live, and they will be playing a gig at The Front Art Gallery and Cafe directly following my exhibition opening on April 15th at 8pm.  It’s such a great venue and they’ll be rocking the house I’m sure.

It’s gonna be fun fun fun!

Thanks so much to Andy, Simon, Alex, Amanda, Matt, Valdis and Corey, you guys rock.

(A while ago we got together one chilly Canberra winter afternoon and made these pictures of the band for promotional purposes.  See here for the blog post I put up at the time.)

Do you know Los Chavos? Have you hear their music?  Did I do them justice with these images?  Let me know what you think.


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