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Dearest Eagle

A beautiful message to share with you, cos I can…from a dear old friend who prefers to remain anonymous.

Ciao dearest Eagle – yes, I have read your site.

I’m very pleased that you have arrived safely in your much loved soulful part of the world.

I just wanted to say thanks so much for the coffee and bite the other day, yet sorry for perhaps taking up a little extra time in your day.  The big thing is that our pretty full on chat about the potential for some creativity in my future from here on and what you had to say on that was very sweet, made stacks of sense and was very much appreciated.

I guess I wasn’t really expecting that, so thank you!  I have been thinking constantly of it daily.  As a small step, you’ll be pleased to know that I have taken the ‘bull by the horns’ in as far as clearing out a lot of that crap that has been a nightmare in my headspace for so long, and am almost there in getting it sorted.  Yay!!!  I’ve started the thinking process and trying to get into the ‘look around and get a feel for’ …you know, the research stuff now to bring in the inspiration.

And now Berlin – WOW!  I know at a gut level that you will blow their socks away. I was looking closely at your work and your photos are truly sensational!  You indeed have an amazing talent and a skill to be proud of.   And best of all, you can feel your passion and heart in each one of them. 

Make sure you enjoy every moment and although you may confront a challenge or two along the way in the next 3 months, always know the benefits will outweigh all else.  All this is pure, solid personal growth. 

Take care, have heaps of fun with all of it and again…thank you!

Love and hugs……

Good friends – hard to find but worth keeping forever.


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