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Tempelhof Airport with Photography in Berlin

Oh Berlin, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Here’s two for starters:

I started a group last summer called Photography in Berlin. At the time of posting it has 277 members and we have great fun together going out shooting and exploring Berlin and surrounds. The one big thing I didn’t get to do last summer was visit Tempelhof Airport and so this was the first cab off the rank for our ‘Beth’s Comeback Bash’ event.

Tempelhof Airport was constructed in 1927 and its pre-war days was one of the most highly regarded airports in Europe.  The main building was one of the world’s 20 largest buildings and housed all the modern airlines of the day with its canopy style roof. It has seen amazing history in its short life time through WW2, the Airlift days and the Cold War. It closed as a commercial airport in 2008 and now people can use the space as a public park. It’s a little bizarre cylcing out on the tarmac and the day we went the spring sun gave us a simply great outing.

A brilliant way to reconnect with my group and to officially kick of my summer in Berlin.


tempelhof airport
tempelhof airport black and white photography
airport tempelhof photographs
saturday afternoon at tempelhof airport
tempelhof airport flying kites
tempelhof airport tarmac
tempelhof airport photogrraphy in Berlin
flying a kite at tempelhof airport

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