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Tegeler See – Lake Tegel

Today I went out with my group Photography in Berlin (again, yes, we have had a few meet ups recently) to Tegeler See, otherwise known as Lake Tegel. It’s not far north out of the city, so we met after work and then rode our bikes around the lake till we found a good spot for shooting. The name of the game was low light/sunset/night shooting. We were hoping for one of those spectacular sunsets but missed out this time. Then it started to lightly rain. Then it was home time anyway. But in between cycling around, eating dinner out and then shooting before it rained, we managed to bang out some cool frames.

I don’t have my tripod here with me, so I was limited to shooting handheld and with flash. But I still had fun.


We arrived at about 7pm and scoped out the area.

Lake Tegel sunset photograph

The swans and ducks came in to say hello.

Lake Tegel is really beautiful, which came as a bit of a surprise as Tegel Airport is not far from here.

After dinner, night started to fall.
The place went really quiet and you could really hear the wildlife on the water.

I pulled out my trusty flash and started playing with balancing ambient and flash exposure.
Meanwhile it started to rain so Jussi protected his camera with the umbrella.
Yes, his camera is in the water…strange but true.
But how about the swan!?

Tegeler See

Then I had a go making freaky-cool-man portraits with Keerthi.
Fun stuff.

And a bit of fast-action at the end.
Thanks Keerthi!

Lake Tegel photograph at night with flash

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