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A Random Cycle

I made a new friend, Verena, over at Photography in Berlin. We were out at Eurovision together last night. Due to the wonders of modern technology (Facebook) and instant messaging and decided we were up for a little random cycling, kaffee und kuchen. Coffee and cake is a 4pm institution in Berlin, so what better place to go than the master of all coffee and cake places, Cafe Buchwald, right by the river and near Bellevue station. They started back in the 1800’s and served royalty. Still going strong they are now quite the nanny place to go, but that’s what we love about it.

Seriously devine.
You just can’t argue with this.

I have an ongoing fascination and appreciation for the way Germans serve tea.
It’s always so precise and presented in a special way.

Right, full on cake, we went to the nearby Tiergarten, my favourite public space in this city.
In the war everything was used in this part was used.
There are photos from that time when it was bare as a baby’s bottom.

Thank goodness now it’s restored to its former glory.

Tiergarten Berlin

It’s magical.

It’s a very spirited place and just makes you smile.

On our way out we were brought to a halt by this statue.
This is what I love about Germany – there is amazing history that inspires great art in public spaces.
This statue commemorates the first chancellor, Otto von Bismarck.

And finally, Siegessäule – Victory Column, erected in 1873.
She is a symbol of courage, strength and achievement to Germans.
I think she is simply stunning, reaching towards the west and glowing in the afternoon sun.

Siegessäule - Victory Column photograph

Thank you Verena, for a great afternoon!


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