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Newcastle [australian travelling photographer]

Photo wanderings in Newcastle

…you just never know what will  happen. I had a couple of hours to wander about and explore the place…I must say I’ve missed doing these photo wanderings! I thought, what will I shoot here? I find it hard to think about what’s interesting to shoot in my own country.  It seems to be easier in foreign places.  Maybe that’s because overeas everything is new, whereas here, while Newcastle is new to me, Australia isn’t.  So at first I thought I don’t know what to shoot, and then I noticed as I was driving around that I was having these sort of ‘visual grabs’ happening as I was getting to know the place. So I thought why not take a picture each time there’s a flash, a thought, a certain something that registers in my brain…

These are some of my memories and impressions of Newcastle. It’s an interesting place actually as it was famous for being a hard core industrial city in the 80’s and is going through a bit of a change of identity.  It’s beautifully positioned looking out at the Pacific Ocean, and there’s a lot of development going on here with growing arts scene.  Out of Canberra it’s nice to see art deco buildings, and there are some classic examples here.  It might seem a bit odd but I have a collection of photographs of public toilets slowly building up, and there’s one here from my coffee stop added in!

Have you been to Newcastle?


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D - September 26, 2010 - 1:57 pm

Very nice series. You have capture a good spirit of Newcaastle.
I think being a tourist close to home really can have a certain charm to it as well.

Beth Jennings - September 27, 2010 - 9:15 am

Hey yeah I never thought of that really, I could be a tourist in my own backyard…thanks D so much for looking, I really appreciate your comment. Have you been in Newcastle a long time? You’ve probably seen some changes, it’s really a lovely place to go and it’s bigger than canberra which surprised me, at 500,000.

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