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Back in Melbourne

I just got back tonight from a whirlwind three week trip in Canberra. I worked on a recipe book that serves as a tribute to an Italian couple (no longer with us) who left an extraordinary legacy in the form of authentic recipes. I documented a gorgeous family story for a family I have worked with for 12 years now. I completed a professional portrait at dawn for someone, and also captured a performance in the Spiegeltent (part of the Canberra 100 celebrations). I saw my family, friends and my Grandmother, found time to sleep in between all of that and do some planning for a book I want to write.

I feel really satisfied that I got a lot done and had fun doing it.  The hard drive is full and I have a lot to go on with here. But then there’s also that weird void feeling that comes when you first land in a new place, away from all that’s easy and familiar.  Awww…it’s always a bit like this when I leave Canberra, I miss the place and the people it in. Back to an empty house and a community outside that I’m not yet quite a part of. I popped out to find some dinner and was reminded that Melbourne has its own surprises at every corner in every neighbourhood, yet to be discovered. And then I get that little tingley feeling again knowing it’s all there waiting for me.

It is good to be back.


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