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Day trips out of Berlin are a must here.  There is Wannsee to the west and then there is Müggelsee to the east. I went with my group in the Müggelsee direction to Köpernick.  Köpernick is a little old town situated on an island where the rivers Dahme and Spree converge.  Further upstream and you hit busy Berlin, down in Köpernick it’s very tranquil and you feel quite removed from the city hustle and bustle. It took a decent hour on the bike to ride out there from the city.  Once we arrived we wandered through a huge park, then over the bridge and into Köpernick itself.  There’s a big schloss there (a castle) which must have been very grand in its day. It was all big and birthday cake white and reminded me of Vienna. And there’s the big town hall, lovely little old buildings, you know, the usual sort of random old-town things you may see in Europe.  It was beautiful, and we had the perfect day. It was late, the sun was setting, so we took the train back to the city.


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