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Heide Musuem of Modern Art

Last weekend I was in the mood for a nice day trip from Melbourne. I remembered the Heide Museum of Modern Art. In 1934 John and Sunday Reed (nee Baillieu) bought an old dairy farm and began with a shared vision of what they wanted to create. Together they built a place for progressive artists to come to learn, share, collaborate. Sidney Nolan lived there on and off over a ten year period and the legendary Ned Kelly series was painted in their dining room. John and Sunday were actively involved in the arts community in Australia and many artists such as Albert Tucker, Joy Hester, John Perceval and Danila Vassilieff spent time at Heide. Heide itself is a beautiful place, with rolling green hills and artworks installed all throughout the grounds. You can visit the Heide I, II and III – three separate buildings on the site now dedicated to displaying exhibitions. I had the good fortune to see some of Albert Tucker’s work.

Heide is just so beautiful, you can really feel the heart and soul in the place. When I feel inspired like this, the camera must come out to tell the story in beautiful images.  Hours and hours were spent in the gardens, crafting and shaping the spaces and integrating some incredible artworks. There’s also a wonderful vegetable garden and seasonal ingredients are used at Café Vue at Heide, which is under the ownership of the Vue de Monde brand.  A lush lunch followed for me.

Heide museum of modern art

When I first walked in and saw this installation, I went back to the car for the camera.
I looked but couldn’t see the placard with artist details.

cafe vue at heide

Seasonal vegetables for the kitchen.

seasonal vegetables at cafe vue
artichoke at cafe vue
potager at heide
lavendar and gardens at heide

The Reeds documented their journey here, and John had taken a picture of this oak when it was first planted.
Talk about long-term planning!

heide museum of modern art
pathway at heide
heide museum of modern art

Savage, 1982, by Paul Hopmeier.

modern art melbourne
gardens at heide
pergola at heide

Cows, 1987, by Jeff Thompson.

cows at heide

Theoretical Matter, 1999-2000 by Neil Taylor.

artworks at heide museum of modern art
heide museum of modern art artworks on the grounds

Stein Path, 1999-2000 by Janet Burchill (inpired by Gertrude Stein).

the stein path at heide museum of modern art

Basket and Wave (From Dreams and Nightmares. Journey of a Broken Weave), 1984 by Dennis Oppenheim.

artworks at the heide museum of modern art

As I walked up to this I thought ‘it looks like it’s unfurling’.
Sure enough, it’s called Unfurling, and was made in 2006 by Andrew Rogers.

unfurling at heide museum of modern art
roses at heide museum of modern art

This is part of building Heide II, the second building that the Reeds lived in.
It’s so cleverly integrated into the natural environment.

Heide II at heide museum of modern art

And this lady is just beautifully placed with the wall and the light falling down on her.
Mary Magdalene, 1978-1983 by George Baldessin.

artworks at heide museum of modern art

It started to rain, and it was time for lunch, so I went into Cafe Vue.

heide III at heide museum of modern art
vue de monde in melbourne

The Heide Museum of Modern Artis located at 7 Templestowe Road Bulleen, not far from Melbourne CBD. Well worth the visit and what really struck me was that the Reeds wanted to create a legacy, and they absolutely did that.


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