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Two Heads Are Better Than One

I met Drea recently. She knows a bit more about video/time lapse, I know a bit more about Adobe Lightroom. We several hours looking at work and finding answers to each others questions. I tell you what, sometimes two heads are better than one. Like, now I know how to shoot with my camera where you hold the camera out in front of you and look at the image on the back of the viewing screen rather than having to look through the viewfinder all the time. Sounds funny I know, but changing up something like that, just one element, can make all the difference in your resulting images. On Sunday I have a photo event coming up and will shoot the day like that and see what happens.

Thanks so much Drea!


The following photos are not very scintillating.
But I still had fun making them.

The wall paper alone was reason enough to take this one.

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