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Christmas Day

Merry Christmas!!!!! Christmas morning at our place involved excitement for Santa, a new bike, a Stihl chainsaw for kiddies, and lunch at the respite care place that my Grandmother has been in for a couple of weeks.  My sister and I grew up having many Christmas’s here, and it was a really special day to celebrate with her children, Lauren and Angus.  Such a lovely day!!! I hope you’re having a great Christmas too.

6am rise…gawd who does that ever let alone on Christmas Day?

ohmigod Santa did come!

checking out the offerings from Santa

ooh lovely glass marbles! What a honey bean Lauren is.

Darren has been waiting a while now to be able to give Angus this Stihl chainsaw for kids.
The little man loved it! Pete the Pirate didn’t get a look in all day long.

hang on, what about the reindeers?

The carrot’s been eaten!!!!

‘I’m going to ride that when I’m five.’

and of course many games of hide and seek

Then Christmas lunch with my Grandmother, she’s in respite care at the moment.
She’s almost 90 and Lauren is just 4 years old!

my mamma…

…and that’s errr….my dad

rare pictures of me!!

my sister has the most beautiful hands

I hope you’ve had a great Christmas Day, cos I sure did!



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Neds - January 12, 2011 - 12:12 pm

Just beautiful Beth…. what amazing memories you’re gifting to your family. Love the hide n seek shots!

Beth Jennings - January 12, 2011 - 1:39 pm

Ah thanks Nerrida!! So cool that you took the time to write your thoughts here and take a look see!!!! Yes, I love doing this work and I know these sorts of pictures will become valuable in the years to come. I”m a shocker i love photographing those kids, terribly addictive!!! xxx

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