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Childhood Memories [australian landscape photographer]


Do you have happy childhood memories?

Forster is where I spent all of my school holidays, every year.  Many moons ago my grandparents bought a couple of units in this apartment block opposite Forster beach. Every year, my Mum, Dad, my sister Heather and I would hit the highway early one summer’s morning, and by the end of the day, this was the view that greeted us. After a hot, boring, 8 hour drive, this was the long awaited sight.  And the smell, that wonderful salty and slightly sweet smell of the sea that you really notice when you live in a land locked city.

My Grandfather passed away here (on my birthday, which I feel is special) and my Grandmother is still living here, turning 90 in January. One of my lasting memories of my Grandfather before he got sick was a vision of him standing with my Grandmother at this same balcony at 6 in the morning while we were all packing up to head home.  They were standing there talking about the beach, or the weather, or whatever.  I remember stopping to take a mental snapshot of them standing there talking with the pink sky behind them.  That’s a special memory for me and I regret that I didn’t take a photograph.  I’m so glad they had some time here together, shame as it was that it wasn’t for longer.  

Where did you grow up spending your school holidays? What are your lasting memories?


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Kathy - September 22, 2010 - 10:52 pm

Hey Beth. Your summer vacations remind me of mine. We didn’t go every summer but we went for quite a few in a row – to the beach, rented a cottage for a week, sometimes two. Of course, our cottage was on a lake (Georgian Bay) not the ocean but I remember loving it. The best part though (for me) is that Mark and I have carried on the tradition – finding a cottage that we love and going back every year for a week or two with the kids. Ben has sort of outgrown the whole “hanging out with his folks for 2 weeks” and Jessie is not far behind but we’ve had some great summers there and hopefully, Ben and Jessica will remember them fondly as well. That photo is gorgeous but I have to ask. What is the part in the water that looks like its fenced in?

Beth Jennings - September 23, 2010 - 8:09 am

Kathy that cottage pilgrimage sounds so lovely. I’m trying to draw a visual on it, little places near the waterfront with all that Canadian magic all around. Talk about creatures of habit! You and me both :) …it’s interesting isn’t it, this thing of going back, repeating the good experiences…the picture, the fenced off bit, is the baths. When it’s high tide (as in the picture) the surf comes in and gives it fresh water, then it’s a calm swimming pool when it’s low tide. When i was really little I used to take run ups along the concrete bit and then leap in, it was great fun, with my grandparents watching on. My sister now brings her little ones up here, and it’s all just the same, with them. I love this place, the only trouble is it’s about an 8 hour drive from Canberra, 4 hours from Sydney and then hours and hours from Adelaide, which is where my Grandmother’s three kids live. Big distances make it hard to get here more often. My Grandfather used to call it God’s country.

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