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to Canberra to Canberra

It’s been a busy week – I’m on the tail end of my summer stay in Melbourne, today is my Dad’s birthday (Happy Birthday Dad!!) on Saturday I’m documenting a family celebrating their Nonna’s 86th birthday, then off to Canberra on Sunday.

In Canberra I’ll be working with a family to bring together the special memories of their parents.  Their parents were Italian immigrants that came to Canberra, and settled in Queanbeyan.  They raised their four children with their Italian heritage and many fond memories were formed around the dinner table sharing food lovingly made with generations-old recipes. So yes, that’s right, I’ll be making a recipe book.

I also have a family to photograph for their latest family story chapter. Their first was their wedding in 2001 – we do go back a while and they have three children now.

See you in Canberra. I’ll be back in Melbs on 24 March.


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