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The Bubble Man

If you’ve been in Berlin a while, before long you’ll see what I call the Bubble Man. The Bubble Man, otherwise known as Peter Pan Seifenblasenmann or Peter Pan the Soap Bubble Man is often seen around Berlin blowing bubbles. Not just any bubbles, these bubbles are massive, amazing bubbles that captivate everyone that passes them. It’s like sitting watching the fire, or a waterfall, somehow it’s very restful and you just can’t look away.

Verena in my group Photography in Berlin spotted Peter a couple of weeks ago out somewhere with his bubbles. She suggested we might like to arrange for him to meet with us so we could photograph the bubbles. A fair exchange, photos for bubbles…wouldn’t you say?

Fun, fun, totally random and this is what makes this city so great.  We had Alexj with us, which was a real treat. He clearly loves the bubble action and watching people stop and become transformed by the bubbles. The bubbles bring out the big kid in all of us.

Enjoy the bubbles!


We met up at Berlin’s oldest park, Volkspark Friedrichshain (the people’s park.)

Alexj pulled out the bamboo sticks and set up the bubble water.

He didn’t muck around – bam, his was into it!

I tried the post production in black and white, but I think the result needs colour.

Bubbles are very sensitive to the air currents and moisture levels.
They work better when it’s just rained.

There’ s no predicting where they’ll go or what form they’ll take.
All we know for sure is they’ll be beautiful.

And massive!

Verena had a go, she got the hang of it pretty quickly.

Talk about doing something you love.

I just love this park too.

The oily rainbow colours and patterns are freaky man!

We changed our spot a little bit, just to see what would happen.
As predicted, more bubbles.

I love this, it’s just a little bit bizarre with that one bubble suspended in mid-air.

It’s quite cool when they break too, all the bubbly moisture goes everywhere!

Alexj loves the challenge of working with the bubbles.

He soaped up his arms and tried sliding his hands into them a few times.

Then he had a go at seeing what would happen with his cigarette smoke!

Check that, the smoke is forming a bubble inside the bubble.

Back to normal bubble blowing!

We could have stayed for hours.

But then it was home time.

Sylee - July 10, 2012 - 1:37 pm

My daughter will watch the bubble makers for hours. Your shots are magical.

Beth Jennings - July 11, 2012 - 1:36 pm

Thank you Sylee – yes the bubbles are mesmerizing!

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