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BJP [harlem]


Hello!  Ok!  So a busy week it’s been…and still is in fact.

The sun is shining – New Yorkers are happy campers when spring has arrived.  A bustling and energetic city it is indeed.  I can only imagine how different it is in winter with blustery conditions and ice on the footpaths (sorry, sidewalks).  I had the good fortune to visit Amsterdam last year, and this place feels like a huge version of it.  Everyone lives in their apartments, but life is on the streets.

I’ve had three portrait sessions this week, and another set for tomorrow.  Lord knows when I’ll process all the work, but I will, even if it’s in my sleep!

I’ve discovered that unlike anywhere else in the world (even Morocco included in this statement) I don’t feel easy with my camera out.  I get a lot of sideways/suspicious looks, and plenty of comments.   America is a rather suspicious place at the moment.  So, I’ve decided to go the other way entirely, and do my best to look like a tourist complete with my camera phone instead.  I discovered that in fact these type of images are fabulous, so there’ll be a lot in that style from NYC.  They are sort of a modern day toy camera look, and I can do my panoramas with it as well.

leppard 3

leppard 2

leppard 1

leppard 4

Yesterday I went to Harlem and photographed Meryl Leppard in her neighbourhood of Harlem.  The reason we did it there is that she has become close with her neighbours and in particular a cool little dude called John.  Additionally, they were photographed with Julia, the woman responsible for a beautiful garden that she has spent many years creating.  It’s so special in fact that she’ll be honoured officially for it at the end of the month, presented to her by the local council. 

Tomorrow I have another, and final, session in NYC.  Then off to Raleigh, North Carolina I go for a few days to see a friend.

Be warned…I’ll try to keep up on the blogging!


iheartfilm - May 22, 2009 - 10:40 pm

Tell me about it. I’m getting so many dirty looks. It’s one of the reasons I don’t do much street photography.

Shirley Buxton - May 22, 2009 - 11:19 pm

Love the electric blue in the Staten Island Ferry sign…My favorite black and white is the last one. The contrasts are great.

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