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BJP [sightings]

Random sightings during a day in and around a town called Eckernförde in the region north of Hamburg:



Don’t forget to look up.
The original foundations were laid in the 1600’s.

inside church

An exhibition on churches inside a church.

fish boxes

Fish boxes piled high from Germany, Norway, Russia, Poland, Denmark and probably a few others as well.


Jellyfish jammed between a wharf and a sailing ship.

sweet shop

Germans go hard on their sweets.

baltic sea

The Baltic Sea.
The buoys are for marking out swimming, fishing and boating boundaries.

beach baskets

 German beach baskets…but no Germans? Where are all the Germans?

viking ship

A replica Hanseatic trading ship (known as a ‘cog’).  And a bird.

field 10pm

Harvest-ready wheat in a field at 10pm…yes, 10pm.

Not a bad day out.


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