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BJP [corinbank]

That’s better.  I had the weekend away at Corinbank Festival and it was bliss, just what the doctor ordered.  I’ve been pushing it pretty hard lately between managing client work, the exhibition, and other activities towards building BJP.  Heading off on Friday I was feeling guilty for leaving everything for a whole weekend! Gawd, that’s a bit much isn’t it?  But you know what they say…all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…so off I went to Corinbank.   And it was worth every minute of the sacrifice.

Corinbank is a small music, folky, art, chilled out festival up in the alpine region behind Canberra called Corin Forest.  Pitt toilets, showers with broken generators, freezing temperatures on the first night….ahh the challenges.  Minor things to overcome really when you consider the ‘Corinbank Bubble’ as a good friend calls it.  Away from work, computers, phone, internet, instead in the bush for a whole weekend listening to great live music, eating amazing food, checking out all the stalls and activities to do, watching circus and live comedians…never a dull moment.

I feel like I’ve had a little travel stint, complete with sensory overload and I’m feeling refreshed and revitalised.  And I didn’t take a single photo (isn’t that terrible Muriel!)!  Just absorbed everybody else’s creativity, lovely.  I know I’m likely to produce good work when I’m in a fresh, positive and relaxed frame of mind. So it’ll be interesting to see what comes out of a BJP Family Photo Session that I have booked in for Friday at the Albert Hall.

I sincerely hope all readers will be there next year, though not too many because it’s lovely and little at the moment!

Highlights: Batucada Sound Machine, Tijuana Cartel, watching everyone dance in the rain to Clare Bowditch, Ash Grunwald (oh my lord), Hare Krishna dinners, the Chai tent, and the beautiful bush setting for the backdrop.


Thomas C. McDermott - March 4, 2010 - 7:30 pm

hello good website yea nice job Interesting article. Were did you got all the information from…

Beth Jennings - March 4, 2010 - 11:03 pm

Hi Thomas, thanks for the comments, much appreciated. Where did I source the information from? I’m not actually sure what you mean…but I do think it’s important to credit people where possible so I always source back to website when I can. Thanks for reading! B

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