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BJP [alexandria]

doug and ben

gemma and ben

family steele
gemma and nicole

When I first graduated from my photography degree I returned to Canberra (from Melbourne) and set up my business.  Primarily I worked in wedding photography.  Back in those early days I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Doug and Nicole’s wedding. 

More years later than we care to admit, we reunited in Washington DC where they are based for a two year posting.  We went to an historic neighbourhood that they love to visit called Alexandria.  We thought it would make a wonderful instalment to their Family Story, and given that their time in DC is limited, how fantastic to capture something of their time there.

Doug, Nicole, Gemma and Ben, thank you so much for such a wonderful time with you in DC, and for the opportunity to capture your family magic in such a special place.

See you back in Australia,


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