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A Little Bitta Magic

Written at about midnight a few nights ago after I came home from a wine tasting…

Oh it’s just a little bitta magic…this city.  The last two nights I was out drinking far too much – the first night was in a gay bar the second night was in a rock bar aka Rage Against the Machine/the Ramones etc. Today was spent cycling around my favourite city then onto a wine tasting run by Steve. Steve’s trying for the master sommelier exam theres’ only like 10o and what ever people in the world that have passed it. So, high calibre knowledge at a random night wine tasting here in little ole Berlin. Then a cyle trip home slightly tired/slightly tipsy past the Karnival der Kulturen (decided against it this year just can’t do the crowds), took a detour past it to get home. No helmut, no bike light, totally cruisy summer ride home – wasn’t quite sure of the street layout but I got there, no mistakes or detours. My internal navigation system did the job. See, now here’s why I love Berlin I can do so much random cool stuff in such a short period of time. I feel it coming up through my feet to my heart and into my hands jumping over the cobble stones as I ride a long in the dark. Now onto my leftover pasta and an episode of Mad Men before bed…

I just love it.


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