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Beth Jennings Photography [rss and google reader]


Ever wondered what ‘Subscribe to RSS’ with the orange cube logo with white squiggles means? Well watch the little video and all will be revealed. I recommend it as it’s a very handy tool.  Basically, if you want to keep up to date on posts that have been added to this blog, without ever looking up the blog site itself, then you can subscribe to this blog by clicking on that orange and white RSS logo.  You will then get notified of my post updates, without ever having to actually visit my blog to see what i’ve added. You first need to set up an account for that, for example at – it is run by Google but you don’t have to have a gmail account by signing up for Reader. So you can be notified of updates to my blog without having to actually go to my blog site at all. You’d just log on to Reader and get my updates, along with any others you have subscribed to.

Another option is to click on ‘Feed on Posts’ at the top of my blog at the right. This then adds my blog as to a list of your feeds which appears within your Feeds list, an icon situated next to your list of favourites in Internet Explorer, or you can even just open a web browser and hit Ctrl + J.  The term ‘feed’ means that you will be ‘fed updates’. So you could just check on progress with my blog through there, along with any others that you’ve listed there.

Gotta love the web…brilliant.


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