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BJP [Judy and Mary-Jane]







This week I had a shoot with ‘Mary-Jane and Judy’ – their real names are Beck and Camilla.

Beck goes to swing dancing, loves all things 1950’s/retro/art deco and lives in an old cottage on Canberra’s outskirts.
Camilla is a hairdresser who loves styling hair inspired by the same era.
Ed, from The Feulers, is about to sell his old car, and thought some nice pictures before it goes would be nice. 

Perfect combo really.

Rather than just photographing the girls in dress-up, I wanted to pull out the feelings of a by-gone era.  We tapped into that 1950’s-housewife-I’m-Judy-and-I-love-my-home propaganda that went out after the war.  All smiles with a twinkle in the eye.  With the car we were more into post-war sexy dames of the cinema look – Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe.

The girls did a bang-up job bringing their characters to life.  Thanks Ed for the car!


Trish - March 28, 2009 - 11:09 am

These look FANTASTIC.

Shasta - March 30, 2009 - 2:31 am

Love it!

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