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BJP [ethereal]



So I’m now officially on the road – well, actually, I’m still in Australia and will be for the rest of the week.  As I’m out of the country until the rest of the year, this week is dedicated to family and friends visits north of Canberra. 

I really can’t resist the opportunity to take a photo.  While I was waiting in a cafe in Sydney for a friend to appear, I discovered on my phone the capability of making panoramic photographs.  Back on the train and with two hours to kill whilst heading north to Newcastle, I started clicking.

The beauty of the phone lenses is that they’re built like toy cameras in a way – low quality lenses that result in vignetting and a sort of out-of-focus quality whilst being sharp at the same time.

My friend Daniel Zihlmann has been taking beautiful, ethereal photographs with his phone for a while now, he calls them ‘mobile uploads’ and updates appear from time to time on his facebook page.  He thinks I’m having a laugh when I tell him that he should have an exhibition with them, maybe one day he will…or for that matter maybe one day I will if he doesn’t!


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