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1000 Steps Kokoda Track Memorial Walk Mount Dandenong

I’ve discovered a very beautiful part of the world here in Melbourne.

It’s my little secret.

And I would love you to know about it.

Maybe one day I could live there.

For now I romp up there every weekend as it’s a stone’s throw from where I’m living.

Wanna know where it is?

It’s an area called Mount Dandenong.

It’s a mountainous area to the city’s east, about 45 minutes by car. As you climb up into the mountains, the temperature drops and you discover fern trees that line all the windy roads and walking paths. There are gorgeous little towns like Sassafras and Olinda, and the whole place makes for a great day trip from Melbourne.

And in Mount Dandenong is a wonderful walk called the 1000 Steps Kokoda Track Memorial Walk.

It a 1000-step uphill walk, 2.8kms long, through beautiful natural Aussie bush filled with fern trees in the undergrowth. The track, initially created in the 1900’s was finished in the 1950’s and dedicated to the memory of the Australians, the Papua New Guineans that helped them, and the Japanese they fought in 1942 along The Kokoda track during World War 2. The Australians lived and died alongside each other with courage, endurance, mateship and sacrifice.

Between huffing and puffing and several pits stops up the track, I made a few pictures along the way.

Simply a beautiful place!

Go sometime, it’s worth it.


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