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Creative Camera Course Module 2 Prize Winners

{sniff} I’m a bit sad today because the second Module of Your Camera, Your World has officially come to an end.

On this round of eight weeks participants explored the wonderful worlds of Street Photography, Animals, Landscape & Nature, and Children.

They have all done an amazing job with these themes. Some little personal barriers were busted with getting out there and having a go at Street, and Children in particular. You just gotta get out there and give it a try.

Participants had the chance to submit their one favourite photo that they produced during the eight week course for consideration for winning some prizes. They dropped in some lovely comments and thoughts about their photos and the course which I thought you might find interesting to read as well.

The decisions that determine the order of winners are primarily based on the development I saw of each partipant across all four themes. Don’t get me wrong – deciding was actually really hard. In the end it’s a gut feel about each person’s progress, as well as execution of their final image. By execution I mean factors like decisive moment, lighting, idea, post-production decisions, the list is long.

I am very, very, very pleased to announce:

1st Prize

One on one 45 mins Skype mentoring session with me valued at $110 – well done Malcolm!

I particularly went with Malcolm’s as a close shave for first for the decisive moment and clever composition. He also used black and white effectively to help communicate his ideas.

‘This is my favourite image from the module for a few reasons:

1 I think it meets the brief successfully in that it sits clearly in the ‘street’ genre.

2 Seeing the work of Trent Parke has given me confidence to visualise and then realise images that may have ‘a bit going on in them’. Rules are good, e.g. thirds, but it’s sometimes good to break them. This image has many elements I suppose, but your video feedback hit the nail as you explored all the various aspects to the image. This is what I saw through the lens and tried to convey in the photo. What struck me about Trent Parke’s images from Sydney CBD are just how rewarding they are when the viewer takes the time to explore.

3 I like the narrative between the office spaces and their orderly arrangement and pattern, and then the casual clusters of people beneath.

4 The odd, jarring mirror image, resulting in the figure half exiting out of frame.

5 The B&W treatment has a 50’s Newsprint quality about it which suits the offices and central business district location.

6 The timing of the decisive moment. This image was one of five from the spot, and is the only one where a figure was mid stride precisely as he was sunlit against the dark shadow in the background. He also just happened to turn towards camera. Totally random and uncontrived, I had half prepared for the event to happen with camera pre-set and hovering on the button. That is the thrill and the reward of ‘Street’!’

1 Malcolm Street

Closely followed by Nils with 2nd Prize

Blurb book voucher valued at $50 – congratulations Nils!!!

Nils is sooooo close at second it’s not funny. Oh it pains me! Nils equally put in a bang on effort and I just loved the blocks of colour in this landscape and the composition is perfect! I love that little accent of a tree that breaks the line to add interest and gives a sense of scale of the scene for the viewer.

‘Overall I loved the course.  I’m very glad that I did it and know that I learned a lot.   Thanks for running it.  I’m looking forward to covering some more of the themes next year.’

2 Nils landscape

Third prize goes to….Danyel!

Blurb book voucher valued at $50, nice one Danyel!!

The intimacy of this gorgeous, soulful child can’t go unnoticed in this beautiful, gentle capture. The camera angle, camera settings, decisive moment and composition to include the swirl of the hat are all in harmony. It’s just a beauty.

‘I’ve selected the portrait of my niece Ruby as my favourite.  I think this picture captures her sensitive spirit, and the photo is both technically and creatively as I had envisioned it. Thanks again for your teaching and encouragement along the way!  It is really evident how much work you have put into developing the course.’

3 Danyel-Children-Portrait
Honorable mention

Goes to Leah!!

Leah, I’m all outta prizes but congratulations to you too on such a wonderful collection of photos you have shared with us on this round of photo themes. Your beautiful black and white of the little kiddles has to be shared, it’s just lovely and I’m sure the parents of these children would just love this capture. Like Danyel’s picture above, this is what childhood is all about. Well done, I’m very proud of you.

‘This is what I think is my best photo for this module. What I like most about this is that the photo captures a tender and fleeting moment between a brother and sister in their childhood as it represents what I love best about photography.:)Many thanks again for all your help and guidance in this course. I really appreciate all the lessons and feedback.’

Leah_Module 2 favourite

Your Camera, Your World was developed very suddenly on a whim. It took four months of dedicated time to create all the lessons, and I just love every theme! The format will change next year, so that participants can download individual themes, when it suits them, rather than having to wait for the live course.

This course was created to help amateurs gain proficiency with what I call ‘shootflow’ – the left brain techie side of managing their cameras through working with different photo themes. The course also exposes them to how to think creatively about each theme, gives them inspiration, ideas and guidance on how to unlock their own creative eye.

Above all their results really show how just having the camera is not enough. It shows very true that a dSLR a mechanical device that is meaningless without the heart and soul present of the person that holds it.

Well done to ALL the participants of Your Camera, Your World this year, and you will hear very soon from me about the changes and developments in the course to make it better.


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