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Creative Camera Course Module 1 Prize Winners

Today marks the end of the inaugural module in Your Camera, Your World, noooooo!

Over the last couple of months participants have been learning Mon-Fri about the topics of Water, Portraits, Food, Architectural and Live Performance photography. Talk about getting out of your comfort zone. Different themes posed different challenges for participants, in particular quite a bit of fear came up around Portraits and Live Performance. But I tell you what, in spite of nerves, they went for it.

And I’M SO PROUD OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Participants had the chance to submit one favourite photo that they created from the whole module, for the chance to win some prizes.

The winners are (drumroll) …

1st Prize – Jocelin
One-on-one 45 mins mentoring session with moi value $110.

Jocelin captured this gorgeous little number during her Food photography exploration.
She nailed the composition, lighting, placement of objects and exposure beautifully.
Even that little warm colour accent on the aged strainer is a lovely touch.
Additionally I just loved that little tear of the paper and the sprinkle of icing sugar.
The photo has a delicate treatment that matches with the delicate subject.
The plate is perfect, the background, it all works.

Well done Jocelin!

Jocelin competition

2nd Prize – Barbsie
Blurb book voucher valued at $50

Very closely followed by Barbsie who captured this wonderful image during Live Performance.
Barbsie has handled the composition, lighting and moment of capture beautifully.
Her exposure is bang-on perfect, rendering the faces and skin tones perfectly.
The blue and yellow work brilliantly together.
And those gorgeous fingers gently suspended in blue space.

07 Copyright Barbsie March IMG-0586

Third Prize – Shelley
Blurb book voucher valued at $50

Shelley captured this image waaaay back at the beginning during the Water theme.
She absolutely went-with-the-flow that day when the puddles were forming circles during a rain shower.
She captured the circles beautifully and the repetition is mesmerizing.
Due to the reflective nature of the subject it is hard to achieve correct exposure.
But even so, Shelley managed beautifully.


I am so proud of all the participants of Your Camera, Your World in Module 1. They kept up with the daily readings, kept a Visual Diary, practised A-Photo-A-Day and kept up their shooting and submissions for feedback.

If you would like to join them on Module 2, which we begin on 1st October 2013, you can.
It doesn’t matter if you do Module 2 first.

More information is here.

If you’re keen, you can book your early bird price between now and 24th September for $149 before we go to normal pricing at $199.



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