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BJP [courage]

I just called a client in Canberra to discuss a family session we’ll have when I return in November.  She’s been following the blog and my website and made such lovely comments about my work.  I photographed her wedding in 2006 and they now have two little ones, so it’s going to be wonderful to see them again and capture the next chapter in their Family Story.  I’m excited as it looks like we’ll have the session at the winery where they had their wedding reception.

Talking with her just made me reflect on what I’ve been doing with the family work, in particular over the last months.  It’s not always been easy, I’ve been on a huge learning curve, and I have all of ‘my families’ to thank for that.  And now they are all over the world, and that is just amazing to me.

So thank you all for your willingness to put yourselves in front of the camera and showing me who you are.  I really feel it takes a lot of courage to do that. 

Right, now I’ll be off to find some crazy pictures in Berlin.  Last time I was here I found life-size cow sculptures walking down an apartment building wall.

Don’t believe me?



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