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BJP [indulge]


South Africa was a bit mad for me.  I really needed to be coming home at that point in September but the commitment had been made to going there.  The universe was telling me not to go but did I listen? No sir.  On the eve of my flight there from Athens I was minding my own business taking a photo with my phone and a dude rode by on his bike and helped himself to my camera. Strange, one minute I was taking the panorama pic and then the next a hand had reached into my line of vision and I was struggling to hold onto the device.  Off he went with it, I looked down the street to see who it was and he stopped at the bottom of the street and looked back at me.  Well OK if that makes your day then go right ahead, just don’t be smart about it and try a little harder to take my camera hanging around my neck and shoulder instead.

So then I spent two months in South Africa, I did some travelling there and dreams came true seeing the most amazing animals of my life.  For more you can take a look here in my BJP Signature Collection and maybe indulge if you wish.

I also worked with some lovely families there and produced some beautiful records for them of their family life…I made a new friend there (thank you Michelle) and nurtured another life long friendship (that be you Chenara) and spent some valuable time planning the future moves for BJP.

So now, the blogging continues, thank you for reading and continuing to tap in and see how my story is developing.

This blog is for you, so feel free to post a comment anytime as I love to hear what you have to say.


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