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Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin

I’m so blessed.

Today was rainy, and I felt like looking at some art. OK, to be specific, I felt like looking at impressionist art, and the Alte Nationalgalerie provided. It was just stunning. I followed my exploration with tea and a hunt through the shop.

Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin
Sculpture photographs in Berlin

The Alte Nationalgalerie is on Museum Island, alongside the Berliner Dom, peeking out here.

Berliner Dom

I just love the scale of things here. This city has 170 museums and galleries. I’ll be here for about 80 days – one per day and I would still not have seen everything!

Seeing art regularly is good for the soul. It’s a combination of the quiet, the restful thinking and the breathtaking art all in one. Over the years I have travelled to a fair few countries, and my first port of call in a new place is always the galleries. When I’m back in Australia I forget to do this, now I remember again why it is so important. It’s called inspiration. It may or may not give you specific ideas for what to do next, but it at least makes your heart sing.


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