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Work Portraits with Style and Personality

Anne, a Berlin based graphic designer, approached me to create some great portraits of herself for her website and other promotional needs as required. She wanted something more than just a head shot.  She wanted images that give a feel for who she is and what she might be like to deal with. A lot of her clients are doctors, accountants and the like, so I suggested that we keep the images simple and formal in terms of elements, with a cosmopolitan context, and with a creative element.  She settled on a location that had some interesting shape, line and form to it – that would serve as a graphic backdrop.  It was a sculpture in fact and it came up soooo well in the images! Then for clothing we went for colour to express her creativity, but for the cut of her clothing to still be formal and appropriate for her audience, so she wore her purple collared jacket.

Anne was thrilled! And decided to buy a few more than her original collection included. The photo session itself took about an hour. We moved and interacted around the sculpture, talking and laughing our way through it.  Anne did amazingly well, and gave a lot to the camera. In doing so, she’s ended up with a great set of really strong portraits that she will get a lot of use from.

Thanks Anne, it was fun! Here’s what Anne had to say:

‘Thank YOU very much for taking the time and supporting me in the selection process. The images look fantastic – I can’t believe that it’s me’.

corporate portrait with style berlin photographer
Berlin portrait photographer

anne mannfeld grafik designer photographs
berlin portrait photographer
corporate photographer berlin

Creative, professional and approachable – these are the words that sum up Anne.  When her potential customers see her images, they’ll now know exactly what to expect from her.

Good luck Anne!


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