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Dianna Nixon – teacher, director, mentor
Wild Voices [website coming soon]


Dianna is a musical teacher and director, and has reached a point in her professional development where it’s now appropriate for her to have a website. She wants her website to give people a full understanding about her specialised professional offerings.  I photographed Dianna in action – directing children for a musical performance, teaching adults in her studio, and some portraits.  Like sentences in a paragraph, each image has a different point to make.  The collection tells the whole story.  People are time poor and images speak 1000 words. So effective images are critical to getting a message across quickly.

We began by setting the scene. We captured the children during their music rehearsal.


Dianna’s intensity and commitment to the music is palpable.


I used selective focus to draw your eye to what I want you to see.


Giving the child’s perspective shows the impact that Dianna has in this little girl’s day.


This is one of those wonderfully atmospheric photographs that depicts the children practising their lines.
It also shows them hard at work even when Dianna isn’t to be seen.


At the studio, we created some portraits.
This one has that lovely lights, camera, action feel to it.


And now for the adults.
Dianna prepares her teaching room.


And begins her lesson.


Dianna sings so beautifully and plays and teaches all at the same time.
What struck me (as a non-muso) was how descriptive Dianna was with her hands in articulating her points.




Poised, elegant, graceful.
Dianna has that classy, Helen Mirren quality about her.


Dianna explained clearly what she wanted in terms of style and quantity.  After the session I began editing with the end in mind.  600 or so frames edited in camera down to 454 came down to 60.  Then post production was applied to that final set of 46 for Dianna then to choose from. She said she wanted 25 – of course shooting three ideas and compressing them to one collection can be done, but is tough. The final decision was Dianna’s to make.  What you see here is what she selected.

Dianna loved these.  It was a bit of a ‘thing’ for her to do this, but a necessary evil. Putting oneself out there is challenging for someone who has the mindset that she has a quiet presence behind the performers.  In this case, it’s all about her!  The three aspects of the photo session will help to give parents an insight into what her young charges get up to in her care. The images will also show how she articulates and guides her adult students through a private lesson. And of course, her portrait – a lot more than a mug shot.  We have three quite different images there that capture her grace, refinement and elegance. Beautiful lady.

Dianna said,

‘Seeing my work through Beth’s eyes proved to be an unexpectedly emotional experience’.

Yes indeed – because my role is to capture the inspiring experience that Dianna gives others.

I enjoyed working with Dianna to help her articulate her magic dust in photographs. Everyone is different and every business is different. I really appreciated the creative trust that Dianna placed in me to get it right.

Good luck Dianna!
And thank you very much to all our wonderful subjects, everyone did an excellent job.


Lady Shaula - April 12, 2011 - 3:08 pm

Beautiful work, Beth. Dianna is such a gracious and inspirational lady. You have captured her wonderfully. Brava!

Beth Jennings - April 13, 2011 - 3:01 pm

You are so right Lady Shaula!! She is a beautiful woman indeed and I really enjoyed the challenge of capturing her elegance…Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, it means a lot :)

Trish - April 13, 2011 - 6:51 pm

Beth, these are really gorgeous. I’m thrilled for her that she allowed you to take some beautiful portraits as well as the ‘working’ pictures. I bet they’re the best pictures anyone has ever taken of her. So many of the people I photograph haven’t been shot since their wedding days! This should be a regular treat for everyone, don’t you agree??

Beth Jennings - April 13, 2011 - 8:42 pm

:) I couldn’t agree more!!! Dianna did love them, and she picked very well I think they will really raise the profile of her website. Very polished indeed …

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