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Chiquitin [baby photographer]

Wow…such a magical time

…there’s nothing like new life to give you a new perspective. Baby Xavier is one month old.  His eyes are big and trying to get a grip on his surroundings.  He eats, poops, sleeps, throws up occasionally, and is busy getting to know his new home.  Louise is such a beautiful mother.  I mean, you can really see the care.  She was saying how a switch has flicked, that when you have a child, nothing else is quite as important as caring for your own.  Xavier’s needs are immediate, and sleep for Giorgio and Louise comes second.  She’ll be up in the nights feeding and Giorgio is working hard to support his family. He’s so tired all the time that he dozed off during the photo session! (It didn’t worry me in the slightest, it added to their story).  But you know that’s what it’s like, it’s the perfect photograph to explain new parenthood…it’s exhausting… but of course, totally rewarding.

Xavier is a lucky little man (and let’s face it, super cute).  His parents are completely devoted to him and his well being.  Every touch, every glance, you can see it in these photographs.  What a magical time for them. The other really cool thing is that this little chap will grow up bi-lingual.  He’ll be speaking Spanish (Giorgio is from Peru) and English. The session was so lovely, with little Spanish utterings offered:

Pedito…fart (a very commonly used word)
Chanchito…burp (also very common)
…and Lou’s favourite…
Chiquitin.. a very cute word meaning little boy which seems to have become a bit of a nickname.
…and finally Quires leche…do you want milk?

Thank you Lou and Giorgio, and baby Xavier for sharing your afternoon with me and your Glebe apartment. I hope these photographs become treasures to you in the years to come.

I really want

this beautiful concept and product to be a distinctly unique BJP thing, so when people think of me, they think of the personal care and skill that is put to crafting their personal family story result.

From start to finish

I take my time getting to know people, to see and feel them and get all around them, then I can start to record something that I think they will treasure in the future.  Shooting it is half the process, there is still post production to do afterwards.   Family life is very intimate.  When I have the camera with me, I feel really previlaged to be a part of family life, however it unfolds. I imagine that I’ve travelled back in time from 50 years in the future.  Which chosen moments should go in the time capsule?  I feel if I’m not taking that time, and crafting the way that I’m seeing, that the subtle details where the meaning lies will be lost.

What drives me on

is having successes like these.  Every so often another little sign comes from someone somewhere that says something like this:

Had a look through all your work the other day, couldn’t just stop at a single post haha.. Really beautiful photographs:)… its great to see photography in a very traditional context of recording memories but in a really contemporary way:)I just love how you market yourself and what you’re achieving!:)

… thank you David Robertson, you made my day!!

My vision for BJP

is that when people learn of the opportunity to be photographed by me, that they leap at the chance.  They stop what they’re doing for a couple of hours, and make time for this, or perhaps incorporate me into their busy 2 hours of dancing lessons or whatever.  If their house was burning, the family photographs is what they’d hope to save…in fact the next family I photograph lost their home in the 2003 Canberra bushfires, so they know all about it. I photographed their wedding, and I thought to myself, I hope I don’t hear from Carla and Duncan…well sure enough I heard from Carla’s mother first thing on the Monday morning.

I don’t have this kind of photography from my own childhood.  I have no idea how I was as a child. I have no idea how my folks related to me when I was really little.  I get a few sound bites from time to time, and can dig out a few square, fuzzy and faded pictures from the 70’s showing me in a bassinet.  But really, there’s not much there at all.  That time is gone, done, and we can’t get it back. It’s a memory that dies with my parents.

If you’d like me to capture your family story, then I’m just a phone call or an email away from getting started.

I’ll show you a little glimpse of what I saw in Newcastle next…and then more on the family stories from my awesome road trip…

Coffs Harbour tomorrow, then Byron Bay on Monday.  The weather is beautiful in these parts, by the way.


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Tracy - September 24, 2010 - 4:27 pm

Beautiful images of such a wonderful and loving family. Sending tons of love to Yo-Yo, Lou and Xavier. xoxo

Katie Kolenberg - September 24, 2010 - 4:38 pm

Beautiful images Beth. I totally get what you’re doing and it’s your unique sellling point. Keep on believing in yourself and your vision and it will all work out. xo

Beth Jennings - September 24, 2010 - 4:58 pm

Hey thanks Katie, I really appreciate that you’ve said that…yeah it’s like the silence can be deafening at times…so I start to wobble I guess. Thanks tho I really appreciate your support and that you took the time to write this. xx

Beth Jennings - September 24, 2010 - 5:03 pm

Hey Tracy! You must know them if you’re calling Giorgio Yo-Yo!! Love it! Are you in Sydney?? I hope they like the images….haven’t heard yet but fingers crossed!

Kathy - September 25, 2010 - 4:16 am

As one of your customers (over a year ago now; can you believe it?) I’ll admit that the money we spent on our photos was not easily parted with. I teetered between the excitement of seeing our photos and the anxiousness I felt about the money we spend while I waited for them to arrive but when they did? I knew, without a doubt that I had made the right decision. I have always loved pictures. I love looking back at family photos of when I was growing up and remembering for example, how much I loved the wallpaper in my bedroom. I love seeing things that trigger memories for me.

The photos that you took of us are now hanging on the walls – most of them in our bedroom and I look at them every night as I’m falling asleep and think about how lucky I am to have my family and just how beautiful I think they are. The photos of Ben are particularly emotional for me because they were taken at such a great time in his life. He’s struggling to find himself and the photos sort of show that story (to me anyways).

I would jump at the chance to have you photograph us again but I would definitely do a different location. Most likey our kitchen table. It’s a weird idea probably but now that I understand better, I would choose a much more personal setting and some of our very best times as a family have been sitting at that big wooden table in the kitchen.

I think what you’re doing is wonderful Beth. Keep it up! (sorry for the long blog comment).

Beth Jennings - September 25, 2010 - 9:28 am

Kathy! Gosh, I’m blown away!! I’m so appreciative that you’ve taken the time to write this, thank you thank you so much! And I really appreciate your honesty about your trepidation to spend the money, I think that’s the case for the majority and in fact stops most people from going ahead. That’s where I must get my message clear, so people feel reassured to go ahead. Your comment here is what they need to hear, I can shout it from the roof tops but they’ll hear your words far more readily than mine. Generally I don’t hear this kind of feedback, so it’s hard to know if what I’m doing is getting through…but it seems that bit by bit maybe it is…I can visualise that kitchen table you’re speaking of, and yes, I’d be there in Toronto with you in a flash if I could! I just love it that the pictures we created of your family are the last thing you see before going to sleep each night…you are a gem and the world needs more people like you!! That’s really made my day, I’m so pleased to receive this from you Kathy, a million thank yous!!!!!…will have to plan a return trip…when the timing is right…stay tuned :)

Jules - September 27, 2010 - 2:56 pm

Beth, these photos of Lou and Yo Yo speak a million words to me. Lou and I chat often on the phone but I haven’t yet been up to Sydney to meet Xavier or see their new apartment. So until now I could only imagine how Lou and Yo Yo’s new life must look. What a beautiful thing, to see now in your photos a little snapshot of their interactions with each other and with this new little being who is now the centre of their universe! I can see in your photos what I love about my friends – Lou’s ability to really notice and soak up the beauty and detail of any given moment, and Yo Yo’s fabulous laughter… Beth, I think anyone who has seen your work will instantly understand what you’re all about, even if they don’t know the people in your photos. You often expose that subtle layer of a family’s life just underneath the shiny surface, like Giorgio’s simultaneous exhaustion and bliss, and that is what makes your work so exquisite. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos on your blog – and I hope have a wonderful relaxing time in Byron and get some bikram yoga joy finally!! Mwah xx

Louise - September 27, 2010 - 9:36 pm

Beth! Wow I cannot thank you enough for these stunning photos of our little family! (And I must apologize that it has taken me this long to comment here…but having two hands free at the same time doesn’t come often in these early weeks with a newborn!) I love these images so much, especially as a series. I was so curious to see how this shoot would turn out as too often family photos can turn out a bit cliched and cheesy but I really love what you have captured with us. These photos really seem to portray the way you found us on the day (yes a bit buggered) as a family but they are are also so expressive artistically with the framing, colour etc! You are a true artist and really know how to bottle up a vibe and put in a photo. Such a rare treat! My little boy Xavier is the centre of my world right now and one day I can show him these photos to explain it in a picture. Thank you…

Beth Jennings - September 28, 2010 - 2:26 pm

Hi Louise! I totally understand it takes time to get the time to have two hands free when you’re a brand new mother! :) yes, a bit buggered you were, and I was so pleased that you didn’t try hard to cover that over and ‘look your best’…as this was the point, to make a document of the current time and place, for you, this precious time with your brand new baby. Wow, that is pretty cool to hear, that Xavier is the centre of your world and that these images capture that…mission accomplished! But thanks again so much to you all as you were all inspiring to work with and it was a total pleasure to do this for you…I think you all looked beautiful!! Xavier will have a blessed life Louise, that’s for sure. xxx

Beth Jennings - September 28, 2010 - 2:29 pm

Oh thanks Jules, as ever you are gold! Yes well I guess as you know the said family there’s a layer of knowing what it’s about that other people may not. But even so, humans can read other humans pretty well, we all know what a smile from the heart looks like because it feels right…it’s the vibe, you know? There’s something very tender about early parenthood, so I wanted to try to grasp that feeling, that this little package is very precious. How great were they all though? Just so easy and natural, they were

Angela McDermott - September 30, 2010 - 12:53 am

I am loving your work Beth – you manage to capture people in a fresh, innovative and very creative way and all the while being very organic and natural.

Beth Jennings - October 1, 2010 - 12:10 pm

:) thank you so much Angela. I’ll keep going and trying to bring out something special in each and every one of the people I come to photograph. It’s such a rush when it works!! your turn next my dear!! xx

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