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Start Up Berlin

Tonight I went to the monthly mixer held by Start Up Berlin. This is an English speaking platform designed to help start ups in Berlin navigate their way around the German systems. A great way to bring everyone together is with a simple mixer. Introductions are made, ideas are suggested, business cards are swapped. This was a great event with an excellent turnout. Thank you Steve, Helmut and Mandy for having me along, and thank you to all the attendees for tolerating the camera! If you’re interested in going to the next one you can sign on here.

The venue, a bar on Winnstrasse called Speziale.

That’s Mandy, one of the Start Up Berlin team, and Helmut peeping in at the right.

The entry table.

And Steve, the third founder, seeing to everyone at the door and issuing name tags.

The meeting and greeting begins.

I just loved the light coming in the window on this table and chair.

An important element – drinks.

A great bar – they are real sticks stuck onto the wall to form part of the décor.

Guests went outside as well as inside.

New friends.

What it’s all about – swapping the business cards.

A great night – and Speziale did a great job handling the numbers.


helen Reid - June 28, 2012 - 3:50 am

Dear Beth

I was very impressed with your photos and your explorations of Berlin. I will be there for 10 months from this September and would love to go to “Start up Berlin” and make contacts in the city. I have some survival German and hope to learn a lot. I will be out in the Grunewald but plan to come into the city centre as often as possible. So any ideas would be most welcome. Many thanks

Helen R

Beth Jennings - June 28, 2012 - 3:33 pm

Thanks Helen! Yes advice from all corners can be very helpful. There’s nothing like advice from someone that has come before you to make the road a little easier. Certainly join the group and good luck when you come to Berlin!

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