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BJP [conservation framing]


International framing qualifications? Whoever heard of such a thing? No really, it exists!  About a year ago I put up this post here on Framing Matters.  They are a sponsor to my upcoming exhibition and I hope to work with them for a long time to come.  Why, you ask?  Because they’re superior framers, it’s as simple as that. 

They say that they frame memories.  I have a similar outlook to my work as well, except that instead I’m capturing memories.  So it’s a good fit really.  Plus Framing Matters do such an artful job, when I was away last year I arranged for two large prints to be delivered to them, and when I got home I just went straight in and picked up the framed work, worth over $1000 and all done sight unseen. That’s the faith I have in their skill and artistry.  There is really only one creative option per piece, and so that is what you get.  You can go in there with a standard idea and come out amazed and delighted.  They source their materials from all over the world and order them especially for your job. 

I’m proud that they are sponsoring my exhibition ‘leaving traces‘ at The Front Art Gallery and Cafe, Lyneham.  On opening night (April 15, 6-8pm) a Framing Matters framed BJP 8×12″ print will be a draw prize valued normally at $880.  A great way to show how an artwork can look in its completed state, and a great opportunity for Framing Matters to display what they do.

Additionally I hope that it’s an opportunity for everyone to learn more about conservation framing:

‘The rate of deterioration [of an artwork] can be reduced considerably through preventative conservation framing. Preventative conservation framing refers to the use of materials and procedures that do not alter the condition of the item, protects the item from anticipated hazards and is completely reversible without the use of invasive treatments. Preventative conservation framing is a relatively new field of study and requires a picture framer to have an appropriate qualification. Very few framers are qualified preventative conservation framers. Consumers wishing to find and use a preventative conservation framer should request a certificate from a framer before proceeding with framing.’

 So you see why I partner with Framing Matters…it’s for the craftsmanship that they bring to every piece, and the skill they apply to ensure that every piece I create will be preserved safely for many years to come.

Cathy and Quentin, thanks so much for the work we have done so far.  I’m looking forward to thanking you personally and sharing a drink with you on opening night.

Is this new information for you? Do you have a question to ask about conservation framing?  Post your comments and questions here, happy to answer any questions or to put you in touch with Framing Matters directly.


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