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Victorian Association of Photographic Societies Annual Convention

VapsLogoI was invited to speak at the Victorian Association of Photographic Societies Annual Convention over the weekend. With my book emerging shortly it was my first paid gig and a wonderful opportunity to share my teaching with a live audience of keen photographers.

Knowing that many people there would be:

a) owners of dSLR cameras
b) likely to be ‘the one with the fancy camera’ that is called upon when family photography needs arise
c) slightly queasy at the thought of the responsibility …

Louise testimonial
… I decided to craft a presentation to their needs to help them through this very important responsibility.

We took a look at one of my Your Family Story results, firstly from the client perspective in the final presentation.  Then we went into the back end of the result to assess the entire shoot from an in-camera perspective, looked at image selection decisions and finally post-production execution to really bring the collection uniquely to life.

Coralie testimonial
It was so awesome, I loved it! I had so many comments and great feedback about it afterwards. The funny thing was once I was up there I felt I could have talked all day on the topic.

Public speaking is quite a new string in my bow, so I put in a tonne of thought and preparation to get it right for them. I felt it was really important that they gain inspiration, insights, could go home equipped with a new way to approach family photography and some practical how-to tips to get them over the line.

Dallas testimonial
Thank you to Ron Speed, Peter Kewley and Rebecca Nicolandos for your help and guidance throughout the convention.

This talk ‘From Capture to Create – how to express family connection and personality in a photo story’ will be presented at my book launch on 8 June.

If you have not yet decided about coming, I would love to see you there and give you my insights and experience on how you can approach family photography with confidence and intention.

All ticket information for the book launch is here.



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