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Photographs of France [international photographer]


My photography exhibition called ‘Bottling Memories’ at Mount Majura Vineyard is going really well. 

During the week I had an enquiry from a visitor to the vineyard, asking if she could consult with me for artwork for her home.  The cool thing was, this lady liked my work and asked me to show her more.  She was after some photographic imagery of France to suit her newly updated kitchen that has French styling.  I went to her home to check out the space and make sure that she was going to end up with exactly the right piece(s). After all, art is like perfume, it’s personal.

Lamp Posts and Bridges

Nicci was after something classic, Parisian and oh-so-Frenchy, so we eliminated all my coloured and modern/urban photographs from the pack. Based on her space, I made a couple of recommendations in terms of size and orientation.  Then we worked together to find the perfect solution. She bought the two photographs below, and will hang them with the same custom framing, side by side.  We liked how the lamp posts are in both frames, the one on the left is taken in Montmartre, and the one on the right captures the sense of infinity you get in Paris, the water and the bridges just keep on going…there’s such an extraordinary sense of harmony between people and place in France.

Ahhhhhhh! France…mwah! Such a magical place…makes me wonder if it’s time to stop wagging French conversation group…

If you’re interested in seeing how my photographs end up looking in a physical space (rather than online!) then pop over to the vineyard for a sneak preview.  The ‘Bottling Memories’ photography exhibition is on for 2 more weeks.

Artist Talk
Mount Majura Vineyard
Sunday 22nd August

I’ll be giving an artist talk there on Sunday 22nd August at 12.00 noon, and will also be there to chat with you over wine and tapas on Thursday and Friday nights, 5.30-7pm throughout August. I am really enjoying these nights, the people that visit are having a wonderful time, and everyone is enjoying throwing in their two cents on their favourite pictures…of course also in the hope of winning the print prize, sponsored by The Framing Store!

Come say hi, photographs are made to be seen after all! It’s child friendly, and a lovely way to spend an hour.


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