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on Manual in Melbourne: Camera Workshop Sun 2 June BOOK NOW

Sunday 2 June
10:00am to 12noon
Heide Museum of Modern Art

I’ve always wondered why people buy a digital SLR camera (which is intended for full manual creative control), then they use it on auto settings and feel frustration when their pictures aren’t working. You wouldn’t buy a manual car and then try to drive it in auto, so why do that with your camera?

What is ‘on Manual in Melbourne?’

It’s purely techi, 2 hours, 8 people max, in different Melbourne settings with your DSLR camera. It gets all your niggling photo questions answered hands-on with a real live human that lives and breathes photography every day (that’s me…). We cover ISO, aperture, shutter speed, metering and achieving correct exposure using your histogram – all in 2 hours!

Camera workshop melbourne

Who’s it for?

If you have a digital SLR camera that has full manual mode and you’re currently using semi or full auto modes, but you’d like to get your head around manual shooting, then this is for you.

camer course melbourne

What to bring?

Your DSLR camera with fully charged battery
Empty memory card
Your camera’s manual in your back pocket
Your questions
The usual dose of creativity and passion for photography
Notepad and pen can be handy

Who is Beth exactly?

Glad you asked! I’m a practising professional photographer that specialses in storytelling using available light. I hold a BA (Commercial Art) Photography degree from RMIT, I’m an Associate with the AIPP, and I have 3 years experience in running camera workshops.


‘Had a great time and helped connect the dots….. :-)’ Shelley

‘The workshop was excellent! Great location, beautiful weather and Beth’s tips were very easy to understand and work a treat! I got some amazing shots, and now can use manual settings intentionally, rather than hit and miss. Thanks Beth!’ Andrew

‘Great workshop! I got answers to all my questions. Thanks Beth for sharing your knowledge!’ Chirantha

What’s it cost?

$59 per person – groups are limited to 8 so to be fair to all this fee is non-refundable, non-transferrable and payable at signup. You also receive a PDF summary afterwards on what we covered.

Poor weather?

We go ahead rain or shine – if the weather is really poor then we’ll find a nearby pub. The main thing is that we cover all the content which we can do easily around a table too.

The plan for Heide

The Heide Museum of Modern Art is a Melbourne mecca for learning and enjoying the arts.  We’ll meet at the front entrance by the car park and explore the gardens with our cameras, weather permitting. If not then we’ll grab a table inside the cafe for our lesson.

Bookings Now Open

Sunday 2 June
10:00am to 12noon




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