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Free dSLR Camera Guide

It’s free! Yay, love that free action. To download your copy, scroll to the bottom of this page.


Many people starting out with a new dSLR camera quickly find themselves
technically overwhelmed by which buttons do what.
They switch to auto or semi-auto settings and become disappointed in their results.
You wouldn’t try to drive a manual car in auto, it’s the same with dSLR cameras.

Have a squizzy through my free dSLR On Manual Camera Guide.
It contains my 7-Step shoot flow, metering and monitoring for correct exposure.
Bang-on content that retails for $19 buckaroonies, for you it’s free!

Ready to download it? Cool.
Enter your details and you’ll receive your step by step guide in your inbox.

I hope this leaves you feeling more in control of your camera.

If you feel you need more help (which is most people),
then I recommend you book into a workshop (Melbourne only)
or sign onto my creative camera course (online).


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Detlef Ziehlke - December 15, 2013 - 4:47 pm

I downloaded your on Manual Camera Guide, but got error opening it with pdf reader.

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