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Photography in Berlin – Photo Critique Session 2

I held a photo critique session Saturday with my group (Photography in Berlin) it was a good turnout considering the following facts:

a) it was raining
b) it was a late Saturday morning
c) meet up is notorious for no-shows

We looked at movement as the subject of choice – how to shoot it, blur, panning, multiple flash to give the effect of movement, some pretty cool images were shared on-screen.  A really successful meet up, and perfect actually for a rainy morning.

Later in the day I met up with another group, Berlin Film Folks in Kreuzberg for a one year celebration get-together. If I see something on my way to somewhere, and I have time, I do a little shooting with my phone. Sometimes that’s just the perfect tool. Nothing too tecchy but it gives the effects I want in my images.

The venue, cafe Blaues Band.
I was demonstrating how I get movement on my iPhone, and was showing the group the Hipstamatic app.

Burgermeister (Burger Master), underneath the train line.
It’s a bit of an institution here.

The cycle paths that I love.

Berlin is such a green city.

Where we had drinks.
Bars are transformed at night from day time cafes.

Aeroplane seats?…..OK.

You see this a lot in Berlin, graffiti in really high places.
How in the hell do they get up there?

At a Spanish restaurant the loos were pretty cool.
Toilet paper hung in random spots and the walls are covered with cartoons.

Another great day in Berlin. I am spoiled by this place.


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