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Digital Camera Course Canberra

Back in Canberra and into another Conquering Your Camera Workshop.

Lynelle and Narina were my participants this time. As is often the case they came into it concerned that perhaps they didn’t have enough knowledge to qualify them for the workshop. But of course, that’s the point! And what I do find regularly is that while one person may have a bit of understanding about one area, they are shady on another area. So in the end it all evens out. I start from the basics and work up. I use basic aids, and it’s only as technical as it really needs to be. I am finding the best part about running these workshops (besides seeing the ah-ha moments) is the conversational format. It’s casual, we take regular breaks, continue to discuss it all over lunch….it just makes for a really nice day.

Early on in the day and Lynelle is looking a tad worried!

We look at lots of images and you can write your own notes in your own way.

It’s a bit of a brain strain, and I always say it’s a bit like learning to drive a manual car.
You’ll stall and bunny-hop a bit, but I’ll see you on your way by the end of the day.
The rest is just practice.

Ding dong, some lights are going on for Lynelle here!

Here we were testing how close you can go with the lenses you have in your kit.
It’s always a bit spontaneous too, so today we were shooting up close on a bowl of cherries.

See, now, this is cool.
Naria has discarded her notes, and she’s looking pretty happy at this stage of the day.

Afterwards, Lynelle said:
‘Thank you so much for the photography lesson. I am amazed that we covered so much technical information so quickly and that I actually understood it. I’ve come away with so much confidence, and pick up the camera continually to fiddle and take shots. It was a great day.’

Groovy, thanks Lynelle, another successful Conquering Your Camera Workshop in Canberra!


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