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Conquering Your Camera Workshop Berlin

Today I ran my Conquering Your Camera Workshop. It went really well! Two very keen, very capable participants, Lauren and Laura, came.  In the morning we covered ISO, aperture and shutter speed and then in the afternoon we defined ‘correct exposure’. From there they learned how to always achieve accurate exposure with the right settings for their creative ideas. It’s important to practice. It takes a day to cover the material but then you must discipline yourself to go over and over it again and again until it sticks. It’s a bit like learning a new language, and it takes a bit of effort to get your head around it.

Lauren and Laura are well on their way now.  Lauren sent me an email the next day and I thought I’d share it with you:

’Thank you for the workshop, it was really great.  I’m very excited to start using the techniques I learned and getting some better results out of my camera.’

While they practiced I took a few pictures here and there to show you how the day went. In the afternoon we went out on foot around the area and also in the basement of my building to work in low light.

Good luck with your picture taking ladies! And stay in touch, I will love to see how your pictures develop over time now you have new skills.


camera lesson english berlin

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