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Camera Course Canberra

Straight off the plane and we’re into it.

Conquering the Camera Workshops have returned to Canberra.  We had a great workshop on Saturday.  We had four people in Workshop 1 (ISO, aperture, shutter speed – what they are and how they work together) and two stayed on for the afternoon Workshop 2 (understanding and achieving correct exposure every time). An awesome day! Of course I’m flat out speaking through the whole day, so not much time for me to take pictures, but scroll down to see a few.

When I was in Berlin I started a photography group, it’s running strong now at 93 members.  Canberra’s little sister is just finding her legs, you can check it out here.  Some of Saturday’s participants found me through this group.  Our next event is on this Saturday, we’re meeting at Tosolini’s Cafe at 11:00.  Bring your memory stick with photos, I’ll bring my lappie and we can have a chat about what you’ve been shooting, questions etc.

Red Ted, the object of our curiosity for the purposes of understanding ISO.

camera course canberra ACT

The jonquils in the bathroom looked amazing in the late afternoon light…in the bathroom!
Well spotted Kathryn. 

photograph of flowers camera course canberra

Kathryn said…

‘Professional but friendly, organised but flexible, filled with useful relevant information.
These are how I would describe the course today.
I would recommend this to anyone who wants to feel more confident about how to get more from their camera and take control of your own creativity.
Beth is a wonderful host and the course has changed forever how I think about taking a photograph for the better.
Thank you Beth.’

Shucks, thank you Kathryn!!

portrait photography in canberra lesson

Closeups and textures.
Mmnn how to make a pile of wood interesting?!

closeup texture photography of wood camera classes canberra
photograph of a photographer in a camera lesson
landscape and man taking a photograph in canberra camera workshop

Daniel said,

‘Thank you for the course.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and have gained a lot out of it.
All I need to do is to put everything into practice and enhance the techniques that you have taught me’.

Wahoo!! Another camera conquered!  Cool.

people learning to use their digital single lens reflex camera in a workshop canberra

Spring is close…ish.

wintery tree photograph

If you would like to conquer your digital SLR camera, then Conquering the Camera Workshops are a great way to do it.  The full day is recommended but you do have the option to take Workshop 1 in the morning, then Workshop 2 at a later date.  Click through to find out about one on one mentoring sessions if that’s more to your liking.

I have not yet scheduled the next workshop dates but write to me if you are keen and we’ll look at October.


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