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Conquering the Camera Seminar 1 – sign up now [canberra photography course]


Conquering the Camera Seminar 1 was a great success!
Conquering the Camera Seminar 2 is this coming Sunday …you can join onto this one easy peasy.

Seminar 2

We’ll cover the basic camera mechanics in manual mode – ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture.
We’ll look at light and how to meter correctly.
We’ll look at images to explain these elements to see how it all comes together.
* this is a custom designed seminar series tailored to your needs – you tell me your weaknesses, and I’ll give you the practical knowledge you need *

Assignments – yay we love them and the best part is, they’re optional!

Conquering the Camera Assignments 1, 2, and 3 are now on the blog (scroll down).
They cover ISO, aperture and shutter speed, are straightforward to do and will test your knowledge of these 3 areas.
Submit your 9 images, and complete this quick online Q&A to bring you up to speed for Sunday.
You don’t have to do the assignments to come on Sunday, but it helps you if you do.

Sign Up

Sunday 4th July
10am to 1pm
$85 per person or $75 each if you bring a friend
Post the booking form to PO Box 4015 Kingston ACT 2604 or
Call 0450 692 599 to pay by credit card
I’ll send you the address and what to bring along if you sign up

I’m looking forward to seeing you on your way to conquering your camera…and please tell your friends.


Lovely Lauren captured in the ferns at the National Botanic Gardens, Canberra xxoo

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