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What photography gives us Day 9/21

I was talking with my Mum a couple of days ago – you know Mums, they’re in your corner and in this instance she’s eagerly watching the book campaign each day! We were talking about some photos I took of her, with my Dad, and the kids (Lauren and Angus, my niece and nephew) at Easter time in 2011, so, three years ago.

Here’s the children from Christmas just gone. Lauren is now 7 and Angus is 5. They are the most gorgeous kids in the world but don’t worry I know the kids in your life fit that category too.

We love ’em to bits, in other words.

kids now
Once or twice a year I pull out the big guns and do a Family Story with them. I want the children to see their childhood when they are older through my lens. At Easter time in 2011, so that’s almost three years ago, I took the kids into the back yard to do some gardening with Granny and Grandpa.

I made a photo book with captions alongside each photo and the book sits on its own stand at the house.

That’s it there.

Copyright Beth Jennings Photography 2014_-8293
The kids were at the house last weekend. Mum thought it would be a good idea to show them the book because she realised they’d probably never seen it.

Did you know

…that children LOVE looking at pictures of themselves? Like, a lot, and many times over. In this case they were learning about who they were 3 years ago, which is a long time in a child’s life. Lauren’s big enough now so she read out all the captions.

As they turned the pages, they went back in time to a day in their life when they spent Easter Saturday morning with their grandparents.  It was just a couple of hours but so much is held in those photos.

They had absolutely no memory of that simple little two hours spent sweeping leaves, having morning tea and finding chocolate bugs in the garden.

I believe

…that photography is a true gift for our future selves and the people we love. Mum reported that they were fascinated by the details, their round faces, little hands, the bugs they found in the garden, and so on. I wish I’d been there to see their faces, observations and commentary.

This is the impact now, three later. But I know this gift will continue to give to these children as they grow older and become adults themselves.

Now what about you?

With digital photography as it is these days, I’d imagine it quite likely that you’re doing very well capturing your memories. Can you find them again easily? Can the special people in your life turn pages in a photo book? Do you make annual slideshows that gives a highlight of each year in your family’s life? I’m guessing your answer is no, but the desire is there?

So you wanna see the photos? Sure, here they are…

In the Garden with Granny and Grandpa

Leaves need to be swept.

00 My Family Story

A quick cuddle with Grandpa.

01 My Family Story

Granny, what are we having?

02 My Family Story
03 My Family Story

Little fingers.

04 My Family Story

A milk moustache.

05 My Family Story

Angus! Up here!

06 My Family Story

Can you lift Grandpa’s leg up, Lauren?

07 My Family Story

Gloves are funny.

08 My Family Story
09 My Family Story

Work begins.

10 My Family Story
11 My Family Story

Some chocolate treasures are appearing in the garden.

12 My Family Story

Granny’s in her element.

13 My Family Story

The Japanese maple.

14 My Family Story

Angus hunts for more chocolate bugs in the back garden.

15 My Family Story

Chocolate heaven.

16 My Family Story

Lauren’s been called back to the front garden.

17 My Family Story

Grandpa being Grandpa.

18 My Family Story

More hunting.

19 My Family Story

Found one!

20 My Family Story
21 My Family Story

Angus tries to pull off the foil wrapper.

22 My Family Story

“No Angie! This is how you do it!”
Lauren calls Angus ‘An-gie’ for short sometimes.

23 My Family Story

Beautiful girl.

24 My Family Story
25 My Family Story

Lovely cuddles.
I love the shoe-less foot.

26 My Family Story

Angus loves Granny’s lap.
Lauren’s got a good possie too.

27 My Family Story

Group hug.

28 My Family Story

He still makes her laugh.

29 My Family Story

Home time.

30 My Family Story

Quite lovely, don’t you think? It doesn’t have to be about volume, but it does have to be well managed.

My book

My soon-to-be published book, ‘Memories at your fingertips – organise your digital photos like a pro’, will help you to keep track of all your special memories, make adjustments with your favourites and to create viewing projects like photo books, printing, slideshows and blogging.

I work with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom which many people stay away from because they think ‘Adobe’ and think ‘professional’. However, I’ve used it for years and always wondered why more people aren’t using it as it’s so intuitive.

In my book I’ve pulled out the essential bits and presented them step by step that you can follow along at home on your computer.

I love photography – it’s that simple. If you do too, and you want the kids in your life to inherit their childhood in pictures, just like Lauren and Angus, then the time is now to get behind the project and help make it a reality.

The numbers

We are at Day 9 of 21 days into the campaign and just passed 25% support.
That is so amazing, and I say a big heartfelt thank to you for pledging.

We need to go further. Let’s make it happen together by pledging some moula and/or sharing the campaign on to your friends.

I have 3000 people in my networks that have heard from me about the campaign.

If each person donates $5, we’re done and dusted with spare change to make more book copies.

Play the video when you get to the campaign so you get the full picture:

Let’s make a difference in photography at a global level, together!


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