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A personal thank you to my awesome reading team

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They say that writing a book is a solo activity, but what a load of nonsense that is.

In May I sat down for a month and wrote a book. Well, OK, for that bit, I was definitely on my own.

In June, I had a firt-run edit on Draft 1 completed by Jane. I took it back, cross-checked all her suggestions, and had Draft 2 ready.

I issued Draft 2 to my reading (freakin’ awesome) team – my mum, Danyel, Cathy, Barbsie, Sam, Daniel and Fiona.

Now I am up to eight people.

~ No, you definitely do not write a book on your own. ~

I am thrilled as I write this that I have painstakingly gone through all their suggestions and edits and the book is now in Draft 3 mode.

I’m now ready to ramp it up a notch and get a specialised-book-editing-person to take it through its paces.

The best part is, because I have involved these people, I feel confident that:

a) the purpose of the book is worthwhile and needed,

b) that the contents is in decent shape and hits the mark

Thank you!!!


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