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Radio appearance on J-Air

J-Air logoJewish Australia Internet Radio

Well this is a bit novel. I’m going on the radio!???

Last month I wrote individually to my 1600 members here in Melbourne to seek support and pledges for my book crowd-funding endeavours.

One of the recipients was Kendra Abay who presents on ‘J-Air’ – Jewish Air. It’s internet radio which means you look up the website and stream the Webcast rather than actually turning on your radio. (And no, I’m not Jewish!).

They do a weekly slot called Focus on Photography in which Kendra interviews a photographer. She invited me onto the show.

So tomorrow night, I’m up for an hour talking about my photography journey. Another new one for me but then with the book coming out any practice in media will be a good thing.

Wish me luck!!!

You can tune in at:

7pm Melbourne time
Wednesday 19 March
Jewish Australia Internet Radio


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