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Free book chapters

Would you like an obligation free sneaky peak at my book, ‘Memories at your fingertips – organise your digital photos like a pro‘?

I think it’s fair enough that these days you might like to get a look at something before you buy it.

So I have two chapters to share with you.

Chapter 2 is part of the introduction to the whole book.
It talks about where we are now in the digital era, Lightroom-specific language,
backing up, how to present photos,
and blogging.

Chapter 9 is a roll-up-your-sleeves practical chapter showing you how to develop your photos.
It shows you the basics around what’s otherwise known as ‘Photoshopping’,
otherwise known as, ‘how to make your pictures look better’.

Book launching soon

And as you know the book is launching this weekend!!!!! So next week I can officially call myself an author.

Now that’s pretty cool.

And that definitely wouldn’t have happened without you.

Thank you for all your support and best wishes, and for even buying the book during the crowd-funding campaign in February!

If you’re in Melbourne and around over the long weekend, I’d love you to come, there’s still time!

All the details are on the Book Launch Page.

See you Sunday, and enjoy your free chapters,


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