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Final Day Success

It actually really happened!
Crowd-funding is complete, closed, finito – and we made it!!!!

The final 24 hours were nail-biting, going from $8675 to $10,470 to $11405 over that last period.

crowd funding success
Here’s my final thank you babble:

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Where to now?

Now the book is funded, I can finish the content editing and design work with my team. They are busy on that in Sydney, and the book will go through various stages of creation into a physical reality in the coming weeks.

We’ll do a test print in the second half of March, check that over, make final changes, then send off for the first print run and create the Kindle version in April.

When I have that test print copy in my hands I can make a few meetings to see about creating a really great launch party here in Melbourne in May to celebrate kick-off.

If you have any ideas for making the launch awesome or people I should talk to, I’m all ears!!

Thank you to each and every one of my pledging angels, you were amazing to dip into your wallets and support my book project. I am truly humbled and I promise I will do my level best to give you a book you’ll be pleased to say you supported and that will give you the help you need with managing all your digital photos.

Thank you so much!!!

Beth xx

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