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Book – final version to editor design time starts

book final version

Yes, yay, PHEW!!!

About a year ago I decided I wanted to write a book, and so I had to settle on a key question that I could answer in the written form. The question that kept coming up front and centre answer was about photo management. Nobody likes to have to do it, there’s a million ways to do it out there, nobody’s talking to anybody about best practice and so a growing problem is emerging.

Organising digital photos is the least fun part of photography. So it’s no surprise that the average punter has let that one slip by. And whilst photographers have successfully made the transition because they had to, the rest of the market has been left to fend for themselves.

Today I can say wahoooooo!!!!!

The book is in its final version, I had two chats yesterday with my editor David and we both agree it’s good to go to design. I’m taking a week off now, and while I’m gone the fabulous Lisa will bring it to life with her beautiful design talent. The samples are gorgeous, easy to read, with a nice soft feel to an otherwise factual topic.

It’s such an amazing feeling to know this book is going to get up and out there, and sooner rather than later.

See you soon,


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