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Book Crowdfunding Eve

It’s book crowd-funding eve!

I’ve been waiting patiently for everyone to come back to earth from the holiday period, and now finally, the time has arrived!

Crowd-funding is a way to get your project funded by your ‘crowd’. In my case essentially it’s a way of pre-selling my book before it’s made.

crowdfunding cover image
More about the book is here.

It’s not a hat-in-hand exercise, please sir, can you spare some change?

No way – this is about getting legitimate funding for the editor, graphic designer, the first 100 printed copies and a Kindle version made.

The money is not for me. It all funds these elements – $11,300 worth – so this is my campaign target.

Supporters can choose different pledge amounts from as little as $5 all the way up to $2500.

  • If the campaign target is reached, everyone coughs up and then they receive the reward they chose.
  • If it doesn’t reach the target, we all go home empty handed, I save hard for at least another 12 months and pay for it myself.

You might think that’s a lot of money, and, well, it is, but some crowd-funding campaigns have successfully raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions.

The cool thing is that it’s all hosted through Pozible, with a unique domain name for my project, and you can go there, check out my video that explains it all, read through what it’s all about and check out the different rewards. (It’s not live today).

Rewards are given in exchange for the pledged amount. For example, there’ll be a signed book copy reward for $35. Instead of waiting for it to hit bookshelves, this is how you can get it ahead of the pack, and signed.

Pretty cool.

I’m so glad I live in the age of the Internet! Anything is possible and I love that clever people have thought up crowd-funding.

Timelines and how to help

Tomorrow you will see the campaign launch and will be active for three weeks.

When we hit the 27th February, it comes down and I cross all my fingers and toes that the people liked the book idea enough to get behind it during that three week period.

I will so love it if you will check it out, and consider supporting it either by:

1. pledging for a reward that you’re comfortable with

2. help get the word out by sharing it with your networks via social media and email

(or both!)

So exciting!!!!!!


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